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Fullspeed Nosebleed - The Sexie Rexie Book Club

Long-Distance Love-Making Through Words

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In short: we like books. Booky book books.

In long: trrrracey and queenkatieett are best friends originally from a tiny town in Ohio. Katie moved to New York City in July, leaving Tracey a lonely, battered, shell of a woman.

Okay, not really. But they still thought it'd be pretty sweet to start an online book club to close the gap between them caused by Katie's completely selfish relocation.

They–meaning we–will choose the reading material based on a strict scientific formula involving long hours of randomly pointing to pretty book jackets in the library. The titles will be announced here, and you can start posting about them whenever you come across something you'd like to comment on. Passages you like, general gushings in the vein of "this book is so good it hurts", parts that really sucked, and things you'd just like to discuss–all encouraged.

Try to avoid plot spoilers. Tracey and Katie double as attack dogs and will bite you.